Sweden, 1989

My left hand, it writes AAA...

I wrote every day, consistently. Writing became touching. Writing became reading. Reading became writing. Engraving. Stroking a cat. Stealing, flying, breaking, striking. Circular motions, O O O O O O O O O O O. Body – pen – paper. Up – down – up. Right to left, left to right. Back and forth. I let my right hand rest. Doing undone. Undoing done.

My left hand, it writes A A A… is a ten week writing project that sprung from the desire of finding a new way to write. The decision to enter the other, unused and untrained part of my body while simultaneously muting the ‘normal’ came from wondering which voices usually speak and which usually gets listened to. By letting my left hand become a writing hand another record was made.

In the exhibition a selection of the original writing sheets will be shown, as well as the transcriptions as a book.