installation, 2020

Creating a space for questions and asking the question:
what is an interspace? The start of a conversation about contemporary fairytales, afterimages and dying coral. Or Noah’s ark saving the last plants.

In these films I create space for not knowing and ambiguity. The process of understanding is visualised, with a coherent stage for searching, researching, sensing and listening. By means of many fragmentary representations I translate the idea of ​​boundaries and I cover their space in an endless loop.

I want to question the idea of ​​language barriers by translating ambiguity and thereby underlining the layering of language.

The work resulted in a bundle of poems and an installation of seven films. The analog film travelled through the space, looping infinitely.

various lengths, longest 02:26 min /
Super-8 TRI-X / plays in loop

Supported by Fonds Kwadraat