Greece, 1992

Which now is intended?

The video works of Eva Vasileiou present an antidote to ‘the wilderness of elsewheres’ that cinema produces, by propelling us back to the space from which we are viewing her work. Here, the video screen becomes a surface that replicates the present; a simulation that equally obscures, manipulates and reveals. By orchestrating this transformative moment, Vasileiou seems to put our own presence into question. Are we still safely detached or are we part of the scene? Are we individual observers of her work, or is our act of viewing also complicit to the situation we witness? By activating these questions Vasileiou makes us aware of how architectural codes of the public domain, including the exhibition site, ‘edit’ the flux of our behaviour. We are presented with a mirror that reflects to what degree we are capable of joining into the collective act of being witness to the world.

By Jasper Coppes