A short-film where we follow an individual through an enigmatic experience enhanced by low-frequency sound waves. 


I was around 10 when I had my first existential thoughts. I was at the playground during lunch break and questions streamed through me: how far does the universe reach, what are we doing here and when does it all end? I immediately shared my thoughts with a friend. He looked at me strangely, shrugged and continued to play. I felt confused, embarrassed and crazy. I did't dare to ask anybody else that day and kept it all inside of me until I got home and could ask my mother. She said; "I don't think about that much, you'll just find yourself going in loops." I was disappointed and shocked that my mother, an adult, my creator could not answer my questions. This experience was extremely disorienting to me, almost traumatic. This memory and semi-taboo subject was a starting point for my film Humble.

Projects by: Ebba Stoppelenburg