A Loooong Stroll Into the Information Dungeon Pt. I

Dystopian Apple Keynote


Observing the almost surreal, immediate reality and deducting scenarios of the future, it is not delusional to think that as we’re moving forward we are on our way of re-entering an enchanted landscape, where daily life is completely and carefully computed and designed to fit our recorded behaviour… Where it’s increasingly difficult to put our trust, or to believe what is real/true or what is not. Where spiritual and mystical ideas augmented by the cutting edge technology, awaken from hibernation of the long forgotten past and return from the blurry margins of society into the mainstream. People say we live in exciting times, are those times are here already or are they still coming? While we’re here, waiting on the progress bar, let me guide you for a moment through a short story, or a folk tale perhaps.