Location: 1.20 and hallway corner between 1.20 and 1.25 Rietveld Building

A Sound Play/A Play on Sounds. Something familiar, fill me up.

Urgent! Vivian, Louise.

Wwwllkk nnn ww.

The works are concerned with how we, as humans, always find ourselves searching for meaning and how this ultimately leads to exhaustion of meaning and meaninglessness. Instead of viewing meaninglessness as something bad, the works see it as an opportunity for a space in which everything is potentially "free", exactly because nothing means anything anymore. Nothing is defined by pre-established ideas and values. Through disruption of language, performance, sound and voices, the works explore this. Repetition and rhythm create something to hold on to, but have at the same time the contradictory function of breaking down meaning. Allowing what's within the space to continuously morph and re-build itself.