The Netherlands, 1993



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Conversations on typographic choices



Amble Ramble of Two Looky-loos

By Jeanne Viviès & Geke Zaal

No. 7 – A carpet store called Mozaïek.

  • A handsome guy with a huge textile bag. 
  • A ‘denim on denim’ woman.
  • A man and a woman. 
  • On the street, a man on a bike does a 180-degree turn. 
  • A guy at no. 9—a grocery store—stands calling in the door frame. 
  • A woman. 
  • A woman with a tompouce-patterned bag. 
  • Two men at no. 9 start moving huge piles of cardboard fruit and vegetable boxes.
  • A man.
  • A white van.
  • A small empty plastic plant pot falls down a balcony and rolled down the sun-blind of the store at no 9.
  • A guy comes out on to the balcony at no. 7 and sits down on a chair, swings his legs on the red fence, and lights a cigarette.
  • Three women cross the street.
  • A car beeps while going backwards.
  • A man on a longboard rides on the pavement on the opposite side of the street.
  • A man puts trash in the trash bins in front of no. 9.
  • A woman with a wheeled walker.
  • A woman with a baby in a baby carrier.
  • A woman with a stroller.
  • Sound of glass being dropped in the glass trash. 
  • A man with Gucci shoes and EarPods passes by, stands still in front of no. 7, takes something out of his wallet, and continues. 
  • A man walks up to the tomatoes of no. 9, takes a look and walks away. 
  • A man with a plastic bag filled with fruits.
  • A couple. They stare into the carpet store and walk away.
  • A man passes by, walks a few steps back, takes a look at the fruit stand, and continues.
  • The woman with the trolley case from the cafe.
  • A man. 
  • A scooter. 
  • A red bike. 
  • More bikes. 
  • A couple. 
  • Two small laughing kids are running. Their parents with strollers follow. 
  • Chatting continues. 
  •  A man with a beer and a man with a ciggy.

excerpt from Amble Ramble of Two Looky-loos


Signage System for the Rietveld & Sandberg Library

a collaboration between Geke Zaal and Sissel Vejby Møller 

"Soft Dewey, chewy Dewey, gooey Dewey" — E.J.