Koos Buster

The Netherlands, 1991

Sierborden van bijna alles wat ik niet leuk vind

Blauwe dagen op zee




My work portrays the search for a certain “doltish perfection” or something trivial that could also be celebrated. 

When I have an idea, I start sketching. Those sketches are a first step into the process, but I also like to see them as potential finished works, fully established within the sketch phase. 

The innocence and messiness of a quick sketch has elements I like to see returned in a final piece of work. 

For the graduation show, I made a museum of installed works.

A wall fully covered with plates, quoting almost everything I don’t like. 

They are a celebration of my frustrations and anger.  For these plates, I used the same glaze technique some people call "Delft Blue”.

My grandmother used to take me to the Rijksmuseum when I was young. My favourite part of the museum were the miniature ships of the Golden Age. They always fascinated me, those big ships from another time, presented in ultra-small scale. The "Cruiseship” showcases this fascination, in my own personal way. 

The “Schoonmakerswaagen” is the extensive edition of an earlier work I’ve made (“Mob Bucket”, exhibited in Frans Hals Museum two years ago). Just like with the old masters from the Golden Age, this ceramic "Cleaning Trolly" is the enhanced, master revision; it is my graduation masterpiece.