Colombia, 1993

シミュレーション -  S1000

Fire means a lot of things
Outside of thinking mode
And each one links another framed scene
Flipping from V to R
and back and forth then back again
Green grass that springs back to life after steps
DFRNT endings, Ctrl narratives
You play
アン・ヒューマン plays
[audio overlap:]
Scripts // Plugged in or out Scripted Nature // > 00010101
Tracking marks : Behind the sounds of the waterfall
Lights are burning wood on lawn turf
FS // WF // Cicada Grind
Standard roles twist // mythical weapons
And stripping down
The layers on layers on layers
And stripping down
The fantasy on transition on play on real
Only if you feel like
Left, Circle, L2, R1, Right, Square, Triangle, X

Text written in collaboration with Holly Childs