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Rikke Goldbech´s intriguing spatial compositions speak of a silent resonance between things, spaces, us. Her interventions are plain, precise and delicate, speaking of gestures that are careful to the material, considerate of the shades in color and aura and generous in a refined awareness of how everything cannot but relate to each other. Relationality is the topic and the deep insight that it takes more than one to become one. Resisting any spectacle, regularly recalibrating her tools, redrawing boundaries everyday anew, makes Goldbech´s compositions into organisms. They give souvenirs, collections and relics presence in a way that gives them life; the time we take to be together, the space between us, they slightly pulsate too. A fine and fluid play between control and letting go is touching upon the works. Goldbech´s is a site-sensitivity that includes the material, the process, the situation, the art work, the audience and participants alike.  Christina Della Giustina