The Netherlands, 1985

My art practice has developed from experiences in graphic design, music composition and electronic engineering. I’m fascinated by the big developments that have taken place in technology and media. Differences in communication that increased codification and structuralisation of communication are the characteristics of these developments and are the guiding tendencies that inform my research into how theory (models) is rendered into a lived reality. My work has a focus on how media work and operate. In an abstract way my work has the aim to criticize media, rather than communicating a clear message or narrative. My work is set to arrest attention to reflect in a poetic way on what media do to our perception and awareness. Applying cybernetic analysis and feedback as design conditions, my work in its alternative use, urges to rethink the traditional way of how media are used and imitate life. My work does not represent a reality of a model, but it creates a system that behaves to its own rules. The system in its use is the context itself.