The Netherlands, 1983

Line Up

Bringing people together, confronting industrial madness and creating biographies. Play with reality and fiction, which means that you are pushed from top to bottom and from left to right — just like surfing the waves. Dealing with significant artists and recent events, including the current situation in our society.

My ambition is to connect people — with each other but also with history. Sometimes to connect them separately, but also simultaneously. As to meet yourself in the other’s encounters. Turning experience into image and/or language, to expose it and to see it in a pure way, creates a new perspective on history, on the here and now, or on the future. It stimulates the senses with matter, to enrich the experience.

To represent history in a different way allows a different view of certain events and/or persons to show. To be able to express one’s own expression, while at the same time provoking new insights from fellow humans means to make art accessible to people who do not think they understand, by offering recognition and interaction, among other things.