Aurélia Noudelmann

• At rate of knots 

• B, The hundred 


At a rate of knots 

A creature-like kinetic sculpture continuously knots and unknots materials while a video dives into a nonlinear exploration of metamorphosis. Each speed, break and turn of the machine is programmed in intimate relation to the video: its movements reflect data collected from the speech-rhythm of the actors. At a rate of knots attempts to use storytelling as a strategy to approach constructions of memory and the way we share them. Within this recollection, imaginaries and lived experiences inform each other.

The work questions the assimilation of social norms within gender performativity through the narration of different souvenirs. This narrative matter unfolds itself through sound, simulation and motion. 

Video length: 18’


B, The Hundred 


in collaboration with Laëtitia Delauney 
The construction of sailboats and their use is historically male-dominated and comes with a long and ongoing sexist tradition: for centuries, women were synonymous with bad luck onboard. However, having a feminine figurehead on the bow was not an issue. Nowadays, if they are no longer considered as scourges, women still have difficulty finding a place onboard. Our process was deeply rooted with the will to initiate a more inclusive practice to twist this convention: B, The Hundred is a sailboat built by two captain mermaids, from April to July 2021. The construction of B, the Hundred was driven by two main concepts that boats embody: the tension between shifting and hosting individuals, and their interdependence with water. B, the Hundred is now a platform to host events and workshops, on water and on land. B, the Hundred was built at Buurtwerkplaats Noorderhof, Amsterdam.