Textile, Text, Context

TXT is an abbreviation that represents both textile and text. Both words originate from the Latin word for weaving, tessere. TXT has developed an ongoing investigation in combining material research with theoretical research and material culture. Students find new applications for techniques such as weaving, felting, knitting and printing, or transpose textile systems into other contexts or domains. These experiments lead to new materials, independent work or committed statements in the form of essays, lectures or performances. Textile as a surface, a system, a conversation piece.

Students continually explore, test, discuss and (re-)present the relationship between the written word and the material. There are endless possibilities for producing textiles in relation to social webs and networks, garments and homes. The atmosphere in the department is one in which thinking and doing permanently influence each other. Students work on individual projects next to shared research projects. Students relate their topics to notions of anthropology, photography, art in public, education, sociology and ecology.