Synnove Kruse Serup

Danish, 1996
Thesis: Art As Experience, Thoughts on perception and interaction with art

Palpable Time

My practice consists of investigating the visual language of combining fragments from divergent worlds. The contrast between the components creates an interesting catalyst for dialogue and new visual language and for associations.

A big interest of mine has been in monuments. Specifically by the American author Ursula K. Le Guin who

in her work proposes to rethink the interpretation of monuments. Most often monuments are associated with the past mysteries of human existence in a specific way in terms of religions or events of historical or metaphysical significance. What I find interesting is that Le Guin is drawing attention to the more feminine perspective that our ancestors’ greatest invention was the container.

My interpretation of the monument is the idea of

a “non-monument” that with it’s ceramic fragility, playful glazes and fragmented shapes “contains” something

else. In my practice I am imagining spaces that could still invite for a moment of thought and reflection not linked to a specific historical event or memory but the carrier of memory from other levels of human consciousness-

(with its profound relations and connections to the natural world).