Image: Materna Monstera, 2023, Film still

This summer two alum projects will be on show at Eight Cubic Meters! After an open application, Hannah Kindle together with Milena Naef and Sandra Golubjevaite were chosen to create an exhibition for our public gallery in the heart of Amsterdam.

Image: Hannah Kindler, Triad of Motherhood, 2023

Hannah Kindler and Milena Naef

Hannah Kindler and Milena Naef have explored the topic of motherhood in a collaborative process. Together with two other artists, they founded M.A.R.S - Maternal Artistic Research Studio, based on the discourse about the dual role of artist and mother, which presents artists with a number of challenges.

Image: Samples by Sandra Golubjevaite 

Sandra Golubjevaite 

‘dis/functional [-c] objects’ is an artistic research and prototyping project which explores the relationship between language, code, handcraft and interfacing. The process comes to life through the making of a series of hybrid (online/ offline) installations. The project departs from a self-posed question: In a time when web development systems are rapidly evolving and A.I.s can generate software codes in seconds, is manual process of writing code, like HTML, from scratch becoming a craft? Sandra aims to therefore experiment with the use of handmade text elements highlighting a slow, personal code-crafting method as counterbalance to the speed of commodified and centralized state of the current digital landscape.

More info and dates soon!