Eight Cubic Meters by De Derde Plaats

'Nee, het was zo'

at: Eight Cubic Meters, Sint Nicolaasstraat Amsterdam

10 November - 4 December 2022

Opening 10 November at 17.00 hrs



(1. drifting off course, drift; aller à la dérive, drifting off, drifting away; fig. wandering off, no longer controlling oneself; running aground) 

In the late summer of 2022 the six members of De Derde Plaats met at 10 ‘o'clock in the morning until 10 o’clock that night. 

One of our members, Sifra, was triggered by the critique of Miriam Rasch on the role of data in our desire for a controllable and automated world, pleading for more friction. On ways to escape this desire for control, the dérive walk came to mind.  

It sparked the idea for the collective for the dérive as a tool of non-action, non-protest. 

The conversations with the collective about executing such a dérive, immediately evoked concerns related to safety, time, and experience. Ironically, these very concerns touch on the essence of the idea; daring to let go of control and (false) safety, enduring the uncontrollability of an experience. An experience that can just as well be deadly boring as epic. Shared but experienced in six different ways.

De Derde Plaats is an artist collective consisting of Rietveld Academie (DOGtime) alumni Jef Nollet, Jelly Hogendorp, Ronald Boom, Sifra Coulet, Vivian Mac Gillavry and Werner de Valk. Where the first place is the space for the personal and the second for the labor, The Third Place is an open space. Within this space for the creative, the boundlessness and the imaginative, connection and friction go hand in hand.

Photos by Jordi de Vetten