Johannes Holt Iversen (DK)


Scandinavian Respiratory Systems (SRS-1001)

Aluminium, Silicone, Oakwood, PVC, Transparent Vinyl, Holographic PVC, Silver Reflective Polyester




In my practice I have always been drawn to painting and sculpture as both cultural entities as well as a commodity, as logos or banners and marketed products. Their use as shapes and symbols. My works can be abstract, but they are always related to counterparts from the real-world, often suggested by materials like chrome pigments from the car manufacturing industry, as well as functional and corporate aesthetics. I develop works starting from the material first, having in mind the lineage of artistic creation and sculptural representation. I draw on inspirations from various fields, be it historical elements, like the early depictions in the Lascaux caves, or concepts and images that come from the fields of sociology, psychology, scientific methodologies and pop culture. I am interested in using, dissecting and understanding symbols with anthropomorphic qualities.