Poland, 1991

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Before joining the Rietveld Fashion department Antonina studied fashion at Academy of Fine Arts back home in Warsaw, Poland. After two full internships, at the Iris van Herpen studio and at Alexander Wang's textile department, she set her mind to a future in fashion. Little did she realise at the time that leaving behind her homeland with it's unique history and culture would become such a dominant theme for her to explore and express through her graduation project and quite possibly her future work. "My collection is inspired by Polish national identity and my cultural roots in the Eastern Bloc. My research eventually narrowed down to one specific item, the traditional Polish folk shirt, and it's cultural and social context." By experimenting with glorified geometric prints, different structures, visible wrinkles or even washed textures, Poppy gave her collection the "outdated look" trying to fill a gap between folk costiume and streetwear. Wearable by both men and women the garments are so clean that they are almost mystical with a main focus on the form. (written by Mo Veld)