The department of Inter-Architecture at the Rietveld Academie trains students to become spatial designers. This means that the outcome of an assignment does not always have to be a building. It can also be an installation, an intervention in public space or a set designed for a dance performance. We often receive assignments by third parties and use these projects to train various practical skills. 

'We make space,
space that matters.'

The whole realm of Inter-Architecture is discussed: architecture, interior architecture, scenography, exhibition and set design, furniture design, design for dance and theatre and designing for public space, where there is regular collaboration with other creative disciplines in the field of art and science.

The starting point of a design at our department is always ‘the space’: space with social significance. The urge to create not only beautiful spaces, but also positive spaces, spaces that generate better environments. The starting point is the student as maker, in which craftsmanship, sensory, material, technique, workshop, tools, production and experimentation with these, are key concepts. The ‘making’ matures, it becomes ingrained through practice, its’ development takes time.

We train students who are critical and inquisitive. Bachelors with their own opinions, which confront society and produce work that stands out. For this reason it offers graduates (BA in Art & Design) excellent opportunities to undertake further study at a Master’s programme in the Netherlands or abroad.