11 art institutes in Amsterdam join forces and show the richness of public space in Amsterdam during 'Pay Attention Please!' in the summer of 2018.

Public Art Amsterdam cordially invites you to the official opening of the manifestation Pay Attention Please!

Friday 22 June from 5pm

Gustav Mahlerplein, Amsterdam

The opening of Pay Attention Please! is in collaboration with GET LOST-art route, one of Public Art Amsterdams partners.


17.00  Start

17.30   Welcome by Jeroen Boomgaard, LAPS/Gerrit Rietveld Academie

17.35   Official opening

17.45   Introduction by Cecile Wentges, GET LOST-art route

From 18.00 drinks, soup, guided tours by GET LOST-art route and performances


Performance hosted by Get Lost-art route

Work your ass off, Hee-ha! Hee-ha!

Anna Frijstein

‘You are your work, your work is you. You represent your work, your work represents you’ is one of the performance and instruction film’s slogans, in which a life coach demonstrates how you can be successful at work. It can be watched and applied any time and anywhere: at home, in the office, at the gym, the coffee bar or on the go. Do we work simply for work’s sake? Is working towards a more successful self the actual work? Is this work ethic based on the norm, a sense of duty or perhaps a strong will?


Performance hosted by TAAK

Minimum Wage Dress Code (a variation)

Alina Lupu

What is the etiquette involved in being a food delivery courier? Does one get trained to fit the part? How does one learn to navigate the role and can this role be transgressed? As with any new job, there seems to be an unwritten script which is followed. Be assigned an order, pick it up, give it to the customer, rinse, repeat. This time around though, there’s a glitch in the system and a way of relating which goes beyond the usual.


Performance hosted by Frankendael Foundation

How to kill a tree

Edward Clydesdale Thomson

The play ‘How to kill a tree’ by Edward Clydesdale Thomson follows the lives of five trees across a 500 year period from the 1550’s. There is an old Sámi belief that certain trees have only just lost the power of voice; Thomson picks up that idea to speculate on just what the trees might say to each other, or perhaps even to us. (Première: 27 June 20:30, Huize Frankendael)

20.00 – 00.00 uur: Afterparty in Tripolis (Burgerweeshuispad 100)

During the opening weekend of Pay Attention Please!, from June 21 to June 24, various events are programmed by the participating partners. Visit the mini-symposium: The Pitfalls and Potentionalities of Gentrification at Broedplaats Lely on Thursday 21 juni, and the Sunday Seminar | Pay Attention Please! curating the city in the Stedelijk Museum on 24 juni. More information: www.publicart.amsterdam