Opening: Thursday 15 June, 5PM

Location: Sint Nicolaasstraat, Amsterdam

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Eight Cubic Meters by The Large Glass Department, presenting The MADLAB

The MADLAB is an art collective which popped out of the glass department 5 years ago. At its root, 5 artists with different backgrounds and styles who simply loved to work together. Our decision was to avoid specific concepts, goals and meanings within our projects and collaborations. Most of the works would never reach a final version and could always be considered as material to be re-used, re-installed and endlessly re-interpreted in relation to the place where they would have to appear. 

The current exhibition shows objects made in collaboration between 3 members currently present in Amsterdam. In the vitrines, dirty art, rough paintings and abstract shapes offer an overview of the latest MADLAB experimentations and atmospheres. 

Once again, no clear definition or direction can be extracted from such installation and all these objects could soon find completely different roles and meanings. Fluid and hard to define, the MADLAB stands, once again in between the street and the gallery, pushing away concepts and markets. Group of misunderstanding and anarchy, we unify around a childlike pleasure to create art for no reason.