After a long period of not being able to meet in person, the Jewellery-Linking Bodies department is pleased to invite you to our resumed Monday evening lectures. This year, we start our series on Monday 25th of October at 17:00 with a lecture by Ingeborg Reichle titled Toxic Plastic Politics: Rethinking Plastic Pollution through Art and Activism.

Ingeborg Reichle is a contemporary art historian and media theorist. In recent years she served as Professor in the Department of Media Theory at the University of Applied Arts in Vienna and as founding chair of the Department of Cross-disciplinary Strategies (CDS), designing an integrated BA study

program on applied studies in art, science, philosophy, and global challenges. Her current area of research and teaching is the encounter of the arts with cutting-edge technologies such as biotechnology and synthetic biology, taking also into account artistic responses to systemic risks and global challenges such as climate change and ecological collapse in order to develop a critical understanding of the role of twenty-first century media arts.
 For more information about Ingeborg Reichle and the upcoming lecture please visit our website here > .

Monday 25th of October
Auditorium - FedLev Building


photo caption: Pinar Yoldas, An Ecosystem of Excess (2014)