‘Untitled Memories’ (2020)

Used materials: Cotton and linen

Used techniques: Screen print, transfer print, embroidery, weaving

Various sizes


What does it mean to remember? And (how) are you aware of that which you have forgotten? 


In ‘Untitled’ I researched the ambiguous representation of my childhood memories by re-assembling an archive of various objects. 


The installation consists of a desk which functions as my intimate workstation, a place I return to, to again, reflect upon from, to re-order and re-frame ideas and thoughts about my current and past self. 


The disposition of the objects is determined by how I would envision the similar accumulation of the thoughts of my childhood; a quantity of imagery that expands itself throughout the act of a continuous repetitive force while I revision these thoughts (my memories). Slight changes simultaneously and inevitably occur, I remember nothing completely. 

The images are accompanied with the first chapter of a twi written Ghanaian bible, my own notebook with images of my parents and a 20 year old memory jar from my dad. 

A narration of these objects occur with an outcome I can direct yet not predict. Fragmented and layered.


Senakirfa Abraham, TXT 2