Amsterdam, 4 September 2020

Dear students and staff of the Gerrit Rietveld Academie, 

Welcome  / welcome back,

We are very happy that we can start the study year with a lot of the educational activities taking place in the academy buildings again. 

But unfortunately, as everyone will be aware, during the summer, the Covid-19 situation has deteriorated after the positive developments at the start of the summer. The infection rates are up and new limitations are applied. For us, this means that we have to be extra careful in how we handle getting together for educational activities in and around the buildings.

ONLY if we are able to prevent the spread of the virus within the academy, can we actually continue having as much interaction at the academy as we can within the current restrictions. This is a responsibility of us all; all support staff, all teaching staff and all students. We trust that everyone will take this responsibility seriously and will stick to the regulations.


Therefore we want to inform you of the measures taken to prevent spreading of the virus within the academy:

- It is obligatory to keep a distance of 1,5 meters at all times. Follow the signals for routes throughout the buildings.

- Keeping distance means that spaces can only be used at limited capacity. Analyses have been made, and for each room a maximum number of people that can be there at the same time will be announced at the entrance of the room. Do not exceed these numbers. If you need to be with a bigger group, you need a bigger room. Contact the reservations desk at the reception if necessary. 

- In general, following the possibilities of the space that we have within the restrictions of being able to keep 1,5m distance, a maximum of around 50% of all students and staff can be at the academy at the same time. Departments will base their teaching schedules on this.

 - We have developed the following face mask policy: 

>> Everyone at the academy has to bring a face mask with them from 7 September 2020 on.

>> In the canteen and in the workshops, face masks have to be used when walking around.

>> In classes, teachers decide if they want students to wear a face mask during lessons.  

- Social events cannot be organised within the academy buildings and on the site of the academy until further notice. The buildings and site can only be used for educational activities and directly related activities such as office work, use of workshops and facilities for educational goals. We have seen that it is impossible to keep 1,5m distance during social events, and we do not want to risk losing the possibility of having educational activities taking place on location as a result of social events.

- If people clearly and consciously do not stick to the measures above, they will be formally warned. After a third warning on the same day, the person will be asked to leave the site of the academy for the rest of the day. If a person gets to this point for a second time, they will be told to stay away for a week. 

- Please be nice and respectful to each other. Also when, for example, others need to warn you about keeping to the measures. Please support each other, be understanding, or even better: make sure it is not necessary to warn people! Realise that everyone has the same goal and that is making educational activities possible. 

- You can find a FAQ here

- You can find all relevant updates and/or other measurements that need to be taken on the intranet.

Thank you for your attention. And let’s make it work together!

Kind regards,

the board of the Gerrit Rietveld Academie