Thursday 5 July 14 people participated in the Masterclass Kunstkritiek by Lucette ter Borg which was part of the Graduation Show 2018. The two best pieces - by Janna Reinsma and Peter Thissen - are now published by online art magazine Tubelight.

Janna Reinsma wrote 'Ophouden er te zijn', about the work of Marianne van Aperen and the work of Madelief Geus. Her article can be read here.

Peter Thissen wrote in 'Ida Brottmann Hansens zoektocht naar beeld en imago' about the work of Ida Brottmann Hansens. The article can be read here.

Work by Marianne van Aperen (Image and Language)

Work by Madelief Geus (Jewellery - linking bodies)

Work by Ida Brottmann Hansen (Fine Arts)