RietveldTV by Katja Mater: Threefold.

Threefold explores the making of a drawing in an approximate spiral with itself.

A film creating a new space by resonating between its own past, presence and future.


Katja Mater’s practice focuses on the parameters of photography and film from a meta-perspective, interested in revealing a different or alternative (experience of) reality Mater mediates between time, space, perception and our understanding of them, she records events that simultaneously can and cannot be – holding midway between information and interpretation.



World premiere of Threefold:

December 20 at 9 PM

in Filmhuis Cavia, van Hallstraat 52-I, 1051 HH Amsterdam

Tickets: € 3 or free with you Rietveld Society button.


AT5 Broadcast: December 30 and 31, 10.40 PM

Threefold, 12’00’’

digitalized 16 mm film

3 x 9 min in a 0’30’’ interval