RietveldTV's Approximately Ten Tour:#2: Flow Country by Jasper Coppes

Sunday November 19, 9PM at Filmhuis Cavia, van Hallstraat 52-1, 1051HH

AmsterdamRietveldTV warmly invites you for the second edition of film screenings at Filmhuis Cavia, our new editor in chief is artist Jasper Coppes. 

During the month of October Coppes has been resident at Pollok House in Glasgow, where he has developed a new version of his film Flow Country. The setting of this 18th century estate, with its ties to cultural and national heritage, as well as its relationship to the management of Highland nature, lead Coppes to consider his previous work in a new light. The new version of Flow Country which he made for Rietveld TV poses questions about the situation in which artworks come to being. Can a landscape become an author? Does an artwork replicate the characteristics of the issues it tries to address? Can an artwork facilitate the encounter between the individual and the world? 

For the occasion Coppes will share his earlier work Flow Country alongside a screening of Patrick Keiller's 16mm film Valtos or the Veil (UK 1987).

Tickets: 3 euro at the door.