RietveldTV by Dusty Writing Group & Rietveld Fine Arts is the final outcome and documentation of a three-month workshop given by the Dusty Writing Group (Rosa Johanna & Anastasija Pandilovska). During the workshop a group of first year students of the Fine Arts Department searched for traces of historical matter in contemporary practice and how those findings can be reconfigured into something new. In different stages of their process the students presented their searches in various places throughout the city a.o. Museum Perron Oost and a collective sound piece for the Red Light Radio.

Participating students: Boyan Montero, Jelle van Houten, Jieun Kim, Emma Nantermoz, Anitiona Nannt.

Saturday May 27 and Sunday May 28 at 22.40 RietveldTV live at AT5 and afterwards 24/7 at vimeo.

Watch the trailer on Vimeo.