Bring Your Own Book Fair (BYOB) is taking over the Rietveld Pavilion. They are organising several workshops and activities.


When: 24 May, 14:00 - 16:30 

Where: Pavillion

Activities: mapping in the space with multiple materials
Participation: 20 people (max)
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This is a collective mapping workshop hosted by Not Just a Collective and facilitated by Lu Lin and Femke Kersten for this edition. During the workshop, we will explore questions such as "What is publishing?" "What can we do to enrich the realm of publishing?" and "How can we co-exist as self-publishers?" Through group discussions and activities, the workshop aims to generate a collective action plan to redefine publishing practices and provide practical guidance for self-publishers in collaboration with participants. The final result of the workshop will contribute to the second edition of the zine.




When: 25 May, 18:00-20:00
Where: Pavillion

This mapping session called care in action aims to unpack how care and design are connected as well as an attempt to collectively find out how we can bring more care into the (everyday) practice.

We will engage with active listening and conscious speaking to collectively share and reflect on the theme. The result will be a process of mapping aspects and identifying embodied action points on how to bring different aspects of care into education, the personal, the political, projects and culture.

The workshop will roughly take about 1,5 hours and conduct an Introduction, Check-in, Methods in practice, and Collective debrief.

We accept a max of 12 participants.
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When: 26 May, 11:00 - 13:30

Where: Pavilion


We are happy to announce workshop ‘Fangirls Workout’: join ROTTING FRUITS on May 26 for a workshop working out and with the books and publications surrounding us at the byobfair.

From 11:00 we will activate and harvest, take note and write and gather our words on a shared publication at the end.

“Everything, indeed, is at least double.” *


To gather, edit, design, print, bind, distribute; the gestures of publishing need a public. Publications without a public are like bodies that don’t move, a compost that doesn’t get turned. ROTTING FRUITS looks at the act of publishing as an act of composting and circulating stories and information. ROTTING FRUITS investigates publishing as a social practice, where publications and communities become activated during public events.

*from Anne Carson, Albertine Workout, 59
**ROTTING FRUITS consists of Anna Bierler, Hannah Rose Whittle, Maria van der Togt