Studium Generale Rietveld Academie presents, weekly on Wednesday afternoons at the Gerrit Rietveld Academie in Amsterdam: talks and performances from 14:00—15:30 hrs in the Fedlev auditorium (Fred. Roeskestraat 96, Amsterdam).
On Wednesday 25 January 2023 the theme is Music:

the uses of music, Lynnée Denise 

Sonic Beam Time Machine, Sky Deep

We would like to invite you for Wednesday themed “Music”. Music as an archive, a beat to an important personal moment, music as a manifesto, music as a place to hide and grieve but also to shine and move listeners to protest. Music as a space and body. Artist, scholar, writer and DJ Lynnée Denise will talk about what it means to practice “DJ Scholarship”. Musician, DJ, game creator and film director Sky Deep will contribute a performance: Sonic Beam Time Machine. 

Lynnée Denise is an artist, scholar, writer, and DJ whose work reflects on underground cultural movements, the 1980s, migration, theories of escape, and electronic music of the African Diaspora. Denise coined the phrase "DJ Scholarship" to re-position the role of the DJ from a party purveyor to an archivist, cultural custodian, and information specialist. Lynnée Denise was the Sterling Brown '22 Distinguished Visiting Professor of Africana Studies at Williams College and is currently a doctoral student in the Department of Visual Culture at Goldsmiths University of London.

From launching a label, curating a festival to producing award-winning queer porn films, Sky Deep is much more than a DJ/Producer. She has been a touring DJ/Musician and audio technician for the last several years having worked as a live multi-instrumentalist on tour with Peaches on the 2019 OOPs tour. Additionally, Sky is a Educator, is designing virtual reality game and has her own streetwear clothing brand.

The full 2023 Studium Generale programme is:

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Mikki Stelder,

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Jan. 25


Lynnée Denise,

Sky Deep


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Chimira Natanna Obiefule & Ehsan Fardjadniya & Aylin Kuryel


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Access / Intimacy

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