Tuesday December 7, 5 pm

@ Rietveld & Sandberg Library


+ opening of Yara Said's sound installation at the library


For the last year, Yara Said has been the resident at the Rietveld & Sandberg Library. During this time she has been reflecting on the sonic conditions that manifest itself within the library space, and especially how the pre-dominant idea of a library as a silent, quiet space is conditioned and altered. The residency has resulted in a two part permanent live sound installation that can be experienced within the library space and which translates the ongoing choreography of shelf browsing, door slamming, reading group discussions, air ventilation buzzing, keyboard tapping, thinking, cataloguing, stair climbing, silverfish crawling, plant growing, dust collecting, barcode scanning and other forms of apparent or imperceptible activities that take place in the library. The installation has been made in collaboration with sound artist Ghaith Qoutainy.


Yara Said graduated from the Sandberg's Fine Arts department in 2019. Her work inspires its content from industrial noises, accumulation of city posters, shouts, and hugs, death, and love, different linear and non-linear narratives. Through these daily experiences and happenings, Said initiates a discussion about identity and aesthetics of representation. While also working under the moniker Noise Diva, her practice translates to video, sound, painting, performance, writing, DJing, and music production.


The Library Talks is a series of lectures held at the Rietveld & Sandberg library. Each talk revolves around a selection of books made by the speaker, assembled out of the library’s current collection as well as newly purchased books for the occasion. During this Library Talk, Yara Said will discuss ten books that are important to her work, ranging from theses by Sandberg peers to feminist readings of sound practices.

Invitation by Fanni Falucskai