The Gerrit Rietveld Academie is looking for:


 Workshop employee for The Large Glass department for 16-20 hours a week (0,4 - 0,5 fte)



Our department


The Large Glass department has a clear and unique point of view in the conceptual approach to glass as a sculptural material within contemporary art. The students defy the traditions of 'Studio Glass' and identify themselves mainly with the processes of the visual arts.


The Large Glass dept. encourages students to be innovative and to challenge the material by moving beyond the boundaries of the specific discipline. Besides sculpture and drawing, (combinations with) performance, video and installation are frequently used forms of expression. Technique is a tool, not a goal. However, the basic skills are taught and students are guided to specialise in one or more techniques or media.


Students learn to enter into an analytical and critical dialogue with their teachers and fellow students. A high degree of responsibility and independence is required to jointly maintain the studio, develop technical skills and at the same time take on the challenge of developing ideas and concepts.


Besides assisting and instructing our own students, the workshop is open to all students of the academy, who we help executing individual glass- projects.



What are your main tasks?


Advice and assistance in the hotshop for students of all levels. Carry out maintenance in the glass workshop and accompany the students of the glass department.


Maintenance involves:


      Keeping the machines and ovens in good condition;

      Keeping them clean;

      Replacing parts;

      Solving small problems and forwarding larger problems in consultation to professionals in the industry e.g. with regard to the melting furnace.


Accompaniment means:

      Answering technical questions;

      Assisting in the correct use of the equipment;

      Occasionally giving demonstrations or carrying out work as part of the student's learning process.


You will work in a small team, supervised by the workshop manager. You will also be able to work independently and act in consultation with the workshop manager.



What kind of profile do you have?


We are looking for an employee with experience and advanced skills. As the workshop assistant you are in direct contact with the students from the department, providing technical guidance and support on different levels of practical expertise.



The glass studio is the core of our department but is open to all students from the academy for small projects around glass. Being the first contact with the glass department, you should have strong verbal skills in English and preferably Dutch and a positive social sense.


Knowing and supporting the department’s philosophy is required.



We are looking for an employee with experience in the following glass processing techniques: 


      Glass blowing;


And any of the following:


      Mould making;

      Lamp working;

      Flat glass techniques (stained glass, fire painting, etc.) 


You also have a feeling for solving technical problems, you are strong in communication, a team player and you can easily relate to the students' world.



Terms and conditions of employment


      According to the cao Hoger Beroepsonderwijs, the post is graded in scale 7 with a maximum gross monthly salary of €3077.54 on the basis of a full-time appointment (40 hours per week) or scale 8 with a maximum gross monthly salary of € 3479.70 on the basis of a full-time appointment (40 hours per week). 

       Please note that the job offered entails 20 hours per week!

       The salary offered is determined on the basis of knowledge and experience;


      Good fringe benefits including an end-of-year bonus of 8.3%, a large number of holidays, a pension scheme and development opportunities;


      A one-year contract with a probationary period of one month. On agreement of both parties, the contract might be extended after one year.





The Gerrit Rietveld Academie strives for a broader representation of staff, students, partners and programmes that reflects the diversity of the city. Anyone who thinks they can contribute to this is expressly invited to respond.





Send your letter of application and CV to with the subject 'vacancy for a workshop employee'. We aim to start the employment in the beginning of 2022.


The closing date of this call is 21 November 2021 and on November 25, 2021, a choice will be made as to whom we will invite for an (online) interview.


Questions can be sent to


Acquisition in response to this vacancy is not appreciated.