Reclaiming Y/Our Non? human Waterbodies


Struggling to make sense/s of viral togetherness. Struggling with Dutch art institutions for their cultivated androcentrism and deepseated appreciations for psychopathological toxic masculinity. What may the vegetal body teach us in such a forceful set of surroundings?


Reclaiming Y/Our Non? human Waterbodies is a lexicon of words and terms written for Studium Generale Rietveld Academie by CPR who salivates, sweats, vomits, writes and vegetates all about healing, intoxication, and pollution, in reverse order.


Air-Fresheners Unite! This is the Great Detoxification.


Design: Pernille Knudsgard, Dongseok Min, Nor Akelei

(under supervision of David Bennewith)