During This Art Fair, more than 100 individual visual artists will show their work. The artists present and sell their work in individual stands. Sculptures and installations will be exhibited both inside and outside the Kromhouthal.

The basis of This Art Fair is formed by the solo presentations of individual artists. The artists are given the opportunity to independently present and sell their art in a professional and organized way. Doing so This Art Fair offers an alternative to the traditional business models in the art world, in which galleries and art dealers play an essential role.


In addition to the fair, they support their participating artists through This Works, an ongoing programme of masterclasses, workshops and network meetings for all professional artists.


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Eva Pel

happy box  
acrylic paint on wood  
58,5 x 39,5 x 10,4 cm 

The work of Eva Pel points directly to the ‘here and now’, to the banalities and tensions of our society. She employs her interest in how social behaviour is affected and changed by everyday life, a life that is influenced by our shared space, both digital and physical. Her work manifests itself in a range of media, such as video, photography and objects. For This Art Fair she will present new sculptural works related to the digital economy.

Eva Pel (NL) is an artist based in Amsterdam with a background in visual art and geography, with studies in Amsterdam, Los Angeles and The Hague. She is supported by the Mondriaan Fund.


Bas Kosters

Sadness Fatness  
Mixed Textiles 

As an artist and designer, Bas Kosters is driven by commitment and compassion. He creates worlds inhabited by radiant, alarming and endearing figures that reflect his social engagement. No matter the discipline, Bas works vigorously and with enthusiasm, but he is especially fond of textile and graphic art, which he uses to express and celebrate personal and societal themes. He approaches difficult emotions in a light-footed way, with subtle and sometimes wry humor and his trademark texts. Bas’ fascination for cartoon characters, visualizations and erotica leads to a reality full of friction, full of different views that compete for your attention. Welcome to the world of Bas Kosters


Enrico Garzaro

Camera Installation #1  
Metal, glass, mirrors and water 

In a world addicted to technological innovation I decided to “take matters into my own hands”. Especially when this manufacturing involves chemical and physical processes, patience and dedication, where the craft and time play a role in shaping the work itself. My work is rooted in doubts and storytelling, and literature, psychology and awareness of the passage of time are the main ingredients of the recipe. I wish to be an inventor, an alchemist, a wizard and a photographer at the same time. I started creating my own cameras from metal boxes with self-blown glass lenses. I works with mirrors that reflect the sky and with monitors that reflect and filter light in a crazy and deceiving way.

At This Art Fair, I present the latest developments of the ongoing project Long Life Cameras, an installation with mirrors, pictures and self-made cameras that will be actively recording their surroundings as the show goes on.


Ildikó Horváth

Ma - interstices in matter 

In the series Ma – interstices in matter, on show at This Art Fair, I explore how tactile materials and sound construct spatial perception and feelings. By working with vibrations, for example, I address their physical connections. Furthermore, I am looking for a more abstract relationship between solid materials and sound, aiming to address the temporality of space through the changing character of the two. 


Oscar Peters

The Savage