Can I borrow your pen?

How to transform a pattern into a weave? Well... I don’t know. If you view the weave as a blank page, the yarns as a language and the pattern as a story that you want to convey, how do you start, continue or end? If the yarns really are a language, my first approach would probably be to get the dictionary.
 But no set translation exists, there’s no ABC, no conjugations...
Could it be that past tense and verbs exist? Maybe, if you want them to. The structure of a weave does lend itself to communicate, but within this correspondence I haven’t found a handhold in how to read or write. I guess it’s up to me to decide. How do I want to say what I want to say? Which language will my hands invent? It’s ‘not understanding yet’ that enabled me to continue researching the same pattern through three different weaves. Now, I stopped trying-out and called it a work.
 Does that also mean you can understand the story without any context? Probably not. Does that mean this project was useless? If I did it for you, yes.

A purple weave
Acrylic yarn

35 x 8.5 cm

A homemade weave 
Cotton, ballpoint, sticker 
53 x 36 cm

An untitled weave 
Cotton yarn, ink 
284 x 44 cm