ART and RESEARCH Programme 2019-2020 Gerrit Rietveld Academie / University of Amsterdam Exhibition and Publication Launch

The exhibition and publication Eileen present the results of an intensive one year exploration of the borders between art and scholarly research. The extracurricular ART and RESEARCH programme departs from the overlaps between scientific and artistic investigations and encourages participants to develop unconventional ways of conducting research, as well as innovative forms of presenting the results. The participants of the programme – twenty-three students from different departments from the UvA, the AUC and the GRA – have been working closely together, sharing their knowledge and exchanging methods between their fields of study. This edition’s participants have submerged themselves in various discourses, starting from a collective conceptual map that over time crystalized into subjects such as Object Agency, Discomfort, Free Speech in Public Space, the Microbiome, Sound, and Water Crisis. These subjects were investigated by six subgroups of four students.

Date: 7-9 February 2020

Location: Looiersgracht60, Amsterdam



Public Programme


Friday 7th February, 17.00 - 20.00 hrs:

Saturday 8th February, 14.00 hrs:
Public conversation with the students of ART and RESEARCH and Florian Göttke

Sunday 9th February, 12.00 hrs:
Workshop: Stick up for sticking up

Our cities graphic domain has become dominated by commercial advertisements, leaving little space for citizens to shape their own cities. In this workshop we will inform you on how to legally leave your mark in Amsterdam’s public space by sticking up posters on Dutch poster pillars, Wildplakzuilen. We will create our own posters in the Gallery which we will collectively post on the Westermarkt wildplakzuil, covering commercial advertisers with our own posters and taking back our city.

Sunday 9th February, 14.00 hrs:
Podcast: Floating Platform

Floating Platform researches the connection between water and social issues such as mobility, migration and climate. We explore where themes intersect and create podcasts in which they flow into each other. For this exhibition, we will tie our platform to the walls of Looiersgracht 60. We will dive into their cellar’s icy history and the struggle against water the gallery faces today.


University of Amsterdam / Gerrit Rietveld Academy


The ART and RESEARCH Programme consists of a collaboration between the Gerrit Rietveld Academie and the University of Amsterdam. Initially developed in 2006 and already in its 9th edition, it aims to combine the most productive aspects and activities of both institutions in a program that provides art students the opportunity to engage with theory on a deeper level than offered by the Gerrit Rietveld Academie’s regular courses, while on the other hand, involving university students in creative processes generally absent from the scope of the curricula at the University of Amsterdam. Departing from the idea that certain overlaps occur between the practices of science and art, the programme stimulates students to share and exchange different perspectives and methodologies, as well as challenge methodological traditions, so as to create renewed modes of research, all the while learning about each other’s fields of study in the process. 


ART and RESEARCH brings an extremely wide range of disciplines together, with this edition’s participants coming from different departments such as the Gerrit Rietveld Academie’s VAV - Moving Image, Fine Arts, Fashion, The Large Glass, Architectural Design, TXT (Textile) and Beeld en Taal, and the University of Amsterdam’s Cultural Anthropology, Sociology, Cultural Studies, Theatre Studies, Art History, Cultural Analysis, Psychology, Law and Philosophy departments. The program is also open for students from the VU Vrije Universiteit and Amsterdam University College.


In practice, this programme entails that a group of twenty-four selected students work on a joint project for a period of 12 months, which begins with the attendance of a four-day training retreat outside of Amsterdam. Here they will engage in Socratic dialogue and other knowledge exchange techniques to address the dichotomies and overlaps between speech and materiality. Back in the classroom, the participants brainstorm together to conceive themes of their choice in small multi-disciplinary groups and collaborate intensively on collective research projects that lead to a joined output, consisting of a publication and a public presentation at the end of the programme. 


The above-mentioned projects are realized in addition to the student’s regular schedule. Although guided by tutors, guest lecturers, and other professionals, the students actively contribute to the development of the programme’s content as it progresses. Besides, most of the organizational work involved in the production of the presentation and publication also lies in their hands, further contributing to the uniqueness of the program.