The OPEN DAY will take place on Friday 31 January from 10.00 - 18.00. This is the perfect moment to wander around our buildings and have a look at all departments, including the Preparatory Course, Orientation Course and DOGtime (part-time bachelor education). DOGtime runs special opening hours: 14.00 – 19.00. 

During the OPEN DAY all bachelor departments, courses, workshops and student initiatives open their doors. Students and teachers are present to answer your questions. You will encounter work -and work in progress- by students throughout the academy buildings. Many departments and workshops also offer special presentations, performances and activities on the occasion of the Open Day. Below you will find today’s programme of special events.

You don't need to register to visit.

How to get here. Please note; we strongly encourage all guests to use public transport when visiting our academy, as parking spaces are limited in the vicinity.


(download here a pdf of the Open Day programme 2020)

Rietveld building

General info and student office

Location: Rietveld building, Entrance
Time: all day
General information by the Student Office on student administration, tuition fees, admissions & procedures, preparatory trajectories, housing and visa. Furtmore: information by the Student Counselor about finance, student life and studying with a disability.


Consultation Talks & Portfolio Storage

Location: Rietveld building, GYM
Time: all day
First round of admission! Talk to our teachers for assessment of your portfolio, or consultation about creating one.



Location: Rietveld building, Basement (bottom of the stairs).
Time: all day
Fresh and semi-fresh publications from Rietveld Students and alumni


Radio Rietveld 

Location: Rietveld building, Bookbindery, basement
Time: all day
Radio Rietveld will be live broadcasting from the Bookbindery, in collaboration with the Rietveld Journal.



Location: Rietveld building, room 322 (3rd floor)
12.30 hrs and 17.00 hrs: performance by Ritmo Wayaba


Image & Language

Location: Rietveld building, rooms 214-216 (2nd floor)
- Rots Brouwer: 'find me’ (a language performance), location: everywhere, time: now and then
- Rege Foka: (music & performance),  time: 13.00 & 15.00 hrs, location: in I&L rooms
- Tamar Berends ‘en dan…’ (poetry-series), time: when appropriate, location: in I&L rooms


Live Works

Location: Rietveld Building, room 218 (2nd floor)
Live works is an extracurricular programme by Pien Vrijhof open to all RIETVELD and SANDBERG students. Pien organises weekly classes and improvisation sessions, in which we venture out on the open floor,no guarantee to success, challenging our creativity to answer the moment.
10.00-10.30 Warm-up
10.30-13.00 Improvisation with the LOOMINGS of Iris de Jong
13.00-14.00 Performance Under Construction by Lingyun Cao
14.00-15.00 Improvisation with the TUBES of Iris de Jong
15.00-16.00 LIVE WORKS improvisation session
16.00-17.00 Performance Under Construction by Lingyun Cao
17.00-18.00 LIVE WORKS improvisation session


The Large Glass department

Location: Rietveld building, room 021, ground floor 
10.00-12.00 & 15.00-17.00: "Cradle to cradle - bottle to bottle - an eye for an eye". Come by the department to pick a bottle and turn it into your own designed glass ! 
12.00 hrs - until the oven is down: Homemade pizza and hotshopped popped corn


Architectural Design

Location: Rietveld building, room 116, 1st floor

- 11.00 hrs: Presentation of department with head Nick Axel and tutor Anne Dessing
- 11.00 hrs: The building of the Rietveld cake and the feast. Together with the visitors we’ll build and decorate a Rietveld cake and later on eat it. The start of the workshop is 11.00, we cut the cake at 15.00 hrs.
- all day: Junk totems. Reusing the waste produced during the first part of the year, we enhance our trash into an architectural totem.
- all day: The Echo Show. The show will be about the Rietveld Academie, the architectural design department, architecture and the relation of sound and space. Come, take off your shoes and make yourself comfortable on the luxurious carpet of the listening space in room 115.  

Benthem Crouwel Building


Location: BC ground floor
Time: all day.
"The art of exaggeration". In this workshop, students and visitors will learn how you can define your artistic approach on caricaturing a face in sculpture; learning the art of exaggeration! You can make an expressive self-portrait in clay and after finishing, fire it in the kiln. Apart from learning the basic technical skills of sculpting a head, this workshop focuses on the facial proportions and its expressive features that will be transformed into a caricature. You are invited to join this workshop yourself, or watch the students at work.  


VAV – moving image

Location: BC building, room K29, digital cinematography workshop 
VAV – moving image will be hosting a film workshop by film teacher Vava Stojadinovic for first year students, open to the public to watch.



Location: BC building, 7th floor  
Times: 14.00h – 19.00h:

− Presentations and Open Studios by DOGtime students 
− Portfolio consultations by DOGtime teachers 
− Conversations with students, teachers and alumni
− DOGtime Open Office for practical information 


Fedlev building


Location: Fedlev building, Basement
The Rietveld & Sandberg Library presents an exhibition of 20 book-objects that have been created in a workshop with Abake. The objects are fictional reviews of Stanislav Lem’s ‘A Perfect Vacuum.’


Pink House

Live music, performance and pancakes at the Pink House!

11.00 bimbos, live music
12.30 Thomas Marshall & friend, live music
14.00 Dick& Shifra Trumpet Jam
14.30 Haircut performance
15.30 Oskar & Joris (Symbyosys, Bby Eco)
17.00. Layla, vinyl DJ


Rietveld Pavilion

Unsettling X Unions. Check out the Rietveld Pavilion, which is curated by the Student Unions and Unsettling, with works by: Clemence Hilaire, Ken Wenrui Zhao, Juni Mun, Bin Koh, Senakrifa Abraham, Emirhan Akin, Sali Sylla


Why are my arms growing? Where are my arms going?

By students of the Fine Arts Department
Location: Vondelbunker, from 18.00 hrs

At one time according to Sir George H. Darwin, the moon was very close to the Earth. Then the tides gradually pushed her far away: the tides that the Moon herself causes in the Earth’s waters, where the Earth slowly loses energy. For a short time, the Vondelbunker became a luminous cave, the new moon, the hollow of the wave, the silent room beneath the trams which kept on passing above our heads to remind us of the regularity of human tides. The cave will open on Friday, January 31st, at 18.00 hrs. Also open on Saturday from 16.00 until 21.00 hrs.
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