Why are the neighbours opening and closing the curtains all the time?

In the frame of a research into ones ‘Sources’, present before the process of making an art work, first year TXT (Textile) students take over the windows of Eight Cubic Meters to enable neighbours of Amsterdam, the outsiders, to visit their insights. 

Welcome to their bizarre neighbourhood, where to be found is: a curious duality between public sitting and being too public in Britney Spears’ private life; an orange presented on your bagagedrager; trans identities in shadows and lights; HOMO: een simpele oplossingen voor dagelijkse dingen; a trip to a Maquis: a place where African diaspora gather and dance all night; a visit to the creativity of small businesses; and a look into collected collections of one’s address.



It's Public Sitting Bitch, Irene de Gelder

No title, Cecile Hübner

trans iden tities , Luna Naumer


My Dancehall Room, Souheila Chalabi

Small businesses are not gonna die!, Chloé Sapelkine

H.A.G Schellinx…, Gersande Schellinx