Elia Kalogianni
Greece, 1995

1. Phélia (17')

2. Soldier 365 (6'33'')

Main Work: Short movie 'Phélia', 17' (graduation display: projection with speakers & headphones) 
Synopsis: A security guard attempts to escape her suffocating routine by introducing a more intimate relationship into her life. She will soon realise that when it comes to human contact, a scheduled routine is not always the answer.

Secondary Work: Short movie 'Soldier 365', 6'33'' (graduation display: 46inch screen with headphones) 
Synopsis: The future is only possible when built on the ruins of the past: ‘Soldier 365’ shows a world where violence passes on from one generation to the next. While we observe a seemingly regular procedure in a medical office, the film reveals that in this world, when one is cured, the illness removes itself from one’s body in the form of a violent figure.