This is the digital portfolio of the TXT (textile) department of the Gerrit Rietveld Academie.
The work is organised by student en projects. You can navigate by clicking on names or project in this text-bar, or by clicking on the Image-bank in the lower bar.
Information about the program and on ‘how to get in’ can be found on the general Rietveld Website.

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Giene Steenman,
coordinator TXT

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dead end street
denim days
drawing class
rietveld uncut 2011
making rain
rietveld naar de beurs
some samples
city slicker
meet me in bed

Students 2012/2013

1st year

Amelia Adysaputra
Anneke Bosch
Asli Burger
Justina Damauskaite
Sofia Eremkina
Zep Hatipoglu
Zhenela Kostova
Ninamounah Langestraat
Ghyslaine Louvet
Lovie Peoples
Hannah Shanks
Anastasia Starostenko
Alya Hessy
Milou Wansink


Giene Steenman
Joost Post
Joke Robaard
Erik Wong
Heleen Klopper
Severine Amsing
Nicky den Breejen